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Honey's Fund

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Honeys Fund

Many of you may have heard about Honey. She came to us in October 2009 after being hit by a car which resulted in multiple pelvic fractures. She is the sweetest girl around, and touched the hearts of many of us here at the shelter. Thankfully she has found her forever home.

Sometimes animals come to us with injuries like Honey's and the medical expenses exceed our normal vetting costs. To offset the costs of these medical emergencies, we have started a new campaign "Honey's Fund." All donations received from Honey's Fund will go directly to injured animals in our care.

Look at who we're helping now...

 Meet Marshall Fenwick!
This handsome man was found wandering alone, and scared. Thankfully, many wonderful people took the time out of their busy evening (and into the morning hours) to save him. 
He is shy, and worried about life around him. He tried to make it out there in the cold cold rain alone, but just couldn't. He is now warm, and has lots of food and attention. 
Marshall is going to need vet care, and is going to need lots of time to heal, and feel safe again. He has cherry eye, mange, and is so unsure of his surroundings. Help us make Marshall feel whole again...