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Junior Volunteer Program

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Volunteer your time

Our next Junior Volunteer Orientation will be held on Saturday, January 17th from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please call Leigha at 301.645.8181 x3 for more information. 

Our Junior Volunteer program is set up for those under 18 who have a love of animals, and would like to help. Junior Volunteers are a vital part of the Humane Society of Charles County.
If you would like to volunteer please let us know! We're waiting to hear from you! We're looking for volunteers for many different kinds of work and activities. You can fill out the Volunteer Enrollment Form by clicking here. You can also email Leigha Messick at lmessick@humanesocietycc.org


 What Does A Junior Volunteer Do?

 A Humane Society Volunteer can do many types of work at the shelter or at many of our events around Charles County.  Volunteers do everything from socialization of our pets to cleaning cages and washing blankets, from helping with our Car Wash's to Humane Education in Charles County schools, from grooming and feeding animals to helping with off-site adoptions at local businesses such as PetSmart.  
Most of all, volunteers are motivated to do whatever is needed to ensure that as many pet's lives are saved as possible. After all, that's the bottom line.
 Everything that is done serves the goal of saving lives and providing an opportunity for the right people and families to experience the wonderful things that a pet can bring into their lives.
There is no age requirement for Junior Volunteers.  Those under 18 are required to have written permission of a parent or guardian, and those under 14 are required to have a parent or guardian with them while volunteering.
All hours are recorded, and can be used for community service requirements in school.  

What Is Required of Me To Become A Volunteer?

Junior Volunteers must have parental permission slips signed by a parent before they can begin to volunteer with us.