71 Industrial Park Drive
Waldorf, MD 20604
301-645-8181   facebook.com/humanesocietycc 

Summer Camp

71 Industrial Park Drive
Waldorf, MD 20604
301-645-8181   facebook.com/humanesocietycc 


Summer Camp is almost here.  Click here to print forms!

Summer Camp Program Descriptions

July 7-11 – Sharon –Barnyard Buddies– Ages 5-7
Spend a week learning why we all need farms.  Participants will explore country life, discover where our food comes from, and meet some of the friendly animals that provide us with food, fiber, and more. We will discover special breeds that are the superstars of the agricultural world.  Let’s have fun trying some traditional kid’s crafts, games, and songs.   There will be healthy snacks from local farms, and learning to love the outdoor environment as we investigate the barnyard and garden for creatures living there.

July 14-18 – Karen – Work on the Wild Side – Ages 9-12
 What lives on the land, in the air, in the sea, on and below the ground? Spend a week finding out and explore careers related to each. Study forestry, marine biology, ornithology, entomology, and more through crafts, activities, experiments, and stations to include using a microscope and slides."

July 21-25 – Christine – Animals Around the World – Ages 8-10
Travel around the world in a week to meet animals on an African Safari, a Polar Expedition, an Outback Adventure, an Ocean Plunge and a hike through the Rain Forest.  We will meet and learn about the world’s most interesting, exotic and sometimes scariest animals along the way.

July 28-August 1 – Vickie – Pocket Pets – 5-7
What the heck is a Pocket Pet? And can they really live in your pocket? Well....No.... that's just what we call the "small" pets here, at the Humane Society. Join us as we hold, play with and learn all about Sugar Gliders (the real pocket pet), Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Ferrets and Gecko's - just to name a few! Through guest speakers, educational programs, crafts and even snacks, we'll learn all about our little friends and how to properly take care of each one. 

August 4-8 – Marti - Dog Days of Summer– Ages 6-8
"Come on out for some tail wagging fun, as we learn all about dogs and how to care for them.  Topics include puppy care, training, grooming, teaching your old dog new tricks, careers with dogs, and dog welfare."

August 11-15 – Stacy – Feline Frenzy – Ages 6-10
Do you love cats? During this week long adventure, we will find out what makes a cat so agile, how they can see in the dark and why we say they have nine lives. Come learn all you ever wanted to know about cats and how to care for them.