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Volunteer your time      

If you would like to volunteer please let us know! We're waiting to hear from you! We're looking for volunteers for many different kinds of work and activities. You can fill out the Volunteer Enrollment packet by clicking here.  Also, you can give Heather Takeuchi a call at (301) 645-8181 to ask a question or forward information. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Thanks for thinking of the animals!

 What Does A Volunteer Do? 

A Humane Society Volunteer can do many types of work at the shelter or at many of our events around Charles County. Volunteers do everything from socialization of our pets to cleaning cages and washing blankets, from foster care in their homes to Humane Education in Charles County schools, from grooming and feeding animals to helping with off-site adoptions at local businesses such as PetSmart. To be honest, the Humane Society needs many different kinds of skills, from people that love helping animals to people with professional skills in computer networks, public relations, veterinary services, office skills, fundraising and customer service. Volunteers help run our very successful Yard Sales, Dog Walks, Basket Bingo nights, Rabies Clinics and other events. Most of all, volunteers are motivated to do whatever is needed to ensure that as many pet's lives are saved as possible. After all, that's the bottom line. Everything that is done serves the goal of saving lives and providing an opportunity for the right people and families to experience the wonderful things that a pet can bring into their lives.

                     What Is Required of Me To Become A Volunteer?  

Not as much as you might think!
Humane Society of Charles County volunteers will be required to undergo some training.  Most training is on-site, and varies depending on what you are interested in helping us with.
We understand that our volunteers may have other jobs and families to take care of, so we schedule you at a time when you are able to be here or at one of our scheduled events.